Core Values

The work at MBW Statistical Consulting is guided by five core values:

Integrity: I always do what I say I am going to do. My clients can rest assured that my statements of work are guaranteed.

Transparency: We all thrive in an atmosphere that is open and honest. My clients can expect:

  • clear and direct communication; and
  • complete documentation of methodology and analyses.

Sustainability: I believe that although the world is infinitely abundant, there is profound truth in the saying “willful waste makes woeful want”. I am conscious in my use of the Earth’s resources, including time and money. My clients can expect:

  • Agenda-driven meetings
  • Well-documented results
  • Communication early and often
  • Decisive recommendations for the most productive analyses
  • Clear indication when an analysis will not yield results.

Wisdom: In our effort to make informed decisions, we can become bombarded with information. There is data everywhere, but data without wisdom is simply more information to process. I believe that data must be analyzed with methodological and contextual sophistication. Our clients can expect:

  • An understanding of the issue and target population
  • An understanding of the political context surrounding the issues
  • Fair, balanced, and evidence-based analytical approaches

Wonder: I analyze data for one main reason: the impact of useful information is amazing. I am curious about how the world works and what drives human behavior. I believe that with the right analytical techniques, data can reveal truths, secrets, and, sometimes, surprises.